Two Bruiser Bouncers Take Turns Brutally Knocking Out Festival-Goers

Welcome to Russia where they apparently just got ska music. Sure they’re 20 years behind the U.S. music scene, but don’t tell these kids. They’re super excited and they can’t seem to contain themselves at the ska concert.

These bouncers don’t seem to be as stoked for the ska, I take them for more of Russian rap fans. They seem aggravated by the horns of the music which gives them a quick trigger for punching peoples’ lights out. When the ska enthusiasts get a bit too rowdy these two “security” guards start throwing haymakers. In Russia you don’t rock ska concert, ska concert rocks you.

The first bouncer does a double knockout of concert-goers. The second bouncer says, “That looks fun!” And then he completely wrecks some dude.

I like how the person who is the calmest is just some guy in the crowd.

Well it’s good to know that Goldfinger still has a place on the planet where they could sell out a concert.