Britney Spears’ Instagram Account Is Being Used By Russian Hackers To Help Run Their Operations

by 10 months ago

Unbeknownst to her Britney Spears, and possibly other celebrities with large followings, their Instagram accounts are being used to help control the operations of Russian, and perhaps other, hackers.

It is believed, based on some actual evidence, that these hackers are using the comments section of Spears’ Instagram to send instructions for their operation.

For example, a comment was left on this photo which contained a secret message.

The comment reads, “asmith2155: #2hot make loved to her, uupss #Hot #X”.

Seems like your typical nonsensical spambot comment until it’s explained to you. Which is… well, it’s very complex, but it’s a very key aspect of how hackers run their games.

According to Vox

After compromising computers, hackers need a way to send them instructions and get data back. They often set up a command and control server to do this. Security professionals defending against cyberattacks usually try to find the central server and shut it down in hopes of crippling the entire network.

The comment on Britney Spears’s photo is a clever strategy for announcing the location of a new command and control server after the previous one gets shut down. When decoded, it’s actually the central server’s internet address.

Compromised machines are programmed to periodically scan for these specially-targeted comments on the Spears Instagram page so they’re able to continue communicating with the hackers even after the initial command and control server gets shut down.

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