Bro Called Out For ‘Cheating’ On Girl, Then He Calls HER Out For Cheating First And Begging Him Not To Dump Her

Ahhh, there’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh Facebook drama wafting through my windows on a brisk winter morning. Whether it’s someone getting called out for cheating on their husband with their cousin or the wonderfully demented story we have below, Facebook drama >>>>>>> any other type of drama because Facebook drama has a tendency to be multitudes more stupid than the rest.

You see, the girl whose name and profile photo that’ve been blocked over with purple (and henceforth shall be referred to as “Purple”) posted the following photo onto Facebook in an attempt to call out her boyfriend for cheating on her. To be fair, it’s a fairly incriminating photo – one has to assume Purple is not the girl whose ass his hand is gently cupping:

But a photo isn’t anything without a caption, no? And so to dig her grave even deeper, Purple wrote the following:

Of course her friends come out to support her in their own stupid little Facebook commenting way, but the real shitshow begins when the supposed boyfriend, “Yellow,” decides it’s time to chime in…and boy does she get an earful:


[Via Imgur]