Bro Documents The Aftermath Of A Breakup With A Series Of Funny Snapchats That Will Likely Score Him A Rebound

We all deal with heartbreak in our own ways. Some Facebook stalk their ex and photoshop their faces over the pictures of her with her new boyfriend, print it out, frame it, and sleep with it under their pillows. Hey Paige, Chad looks like a first-class fuckboy. Have fun with that micropenis. If you’re reading this, I have a Tinder date tonight with a girl who said I look like Ben Affleck’s slow cousin. Heard of Ben Affleck? Ya, pretty successful dude. Am I boning my babysitter too? Yes, no. I’ll let you think on that for a few years.


This dude named Azam decided that the best plan of action to deal with losing a lover was to document his struggles in the form of puns and post them to Snapchat. Is he really dealing with heartache or is he just fishing for likes? Well he better really be depressed because I didn’t open up about my personal healing process for a gimmick. Either way, these snaps are tremendous.

Hopefully this newfound publicity will get Azam some rebound tail. Don’t say I’ve never done nothing for ya, pal.

P.S. Eat a dick, Chad.

[h/t LADbible]

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