Chillest Bro Ever Films Himself As Jaws Of Life Saw Him Out Of Demolished Car

Not going anywhere for awhile because you were involved in a horrendous automobile accident that has you trapped inside your vehicle? Grab your phone and start shooting a selfie video like this dude.

We take you to British Columbia, Canada where Andrew MacDonald said he blacked out and drove his car straight into a pole at 5:30 a.m. on Jan. 11. Thankfully he is still alive and no other people were involved in the accident.

MacDonald didn’t get around to posting the crazy video because he spent the last month in the hospital recovering from a broken right arm, broken left femur, broken knee caps and ankles. “Went for major surgery in Victoria which took total 14 hours over a couple days,” Mac wrote. “Metal plates and screws all over.” That must have hurt there, Mr. Glass.

Right after playing chicken with a pole, he was shooting a video of himself getting rescued as emergency crews use the Jaws of Life to cut him out of his wrecked ride. He’s so chill that as a saw is inches away from his bloody head that he shows off his sweet cunnilingus skills despite being in a neck brace.

As rescuers attempt to extract him out of the mangled car MacDonald jokes, “Why couldn’t I hit it on the passenger side.” For being in an accident that turned his car into a sardine can, that is a wonderful joke.