This Genius Hacked An Amazon Dash Button To Deliver Him The Best Food Known To Man



I’m pretty certain that most of you bros are already familiar with the Amazon Dash Button. It is the $5 button that Amazon offers Prime subscribers that streamlines the Amazon ordering process for frequently ordered items. Say someone orders a ton of protein powder on Amazon but each time has to look up what they’ve ordered in the past, search around for vendors, and then order it again. With the Amazon Dash button that person just has to touch the button (that’s stuck to their fridge or wherever they want to keep it) and that protein powder is instantly ordered and shipped to their home.

Without even hacking the Amazon Dash button it’s incredibly useful, but one bro truly unlocked the potential of the button by hacking it to deliver him Domino’s Pizza any time he presses the white wi-fi enabled button from Amazon.

Here’s the video of him hacking the Amazon Dash button into becoming the PizzaDash button, a process that he says only took him 10 minutes:


Brody Berson is the bro behind the PizzaDash button and he’s written about the process of hacking the wi-fi enabled Amazon Dash button into delivering pizza over on, so if you’re interested in doing this for yourself CLICK HERE to learn how do pull this off.

I gotta admit that I find it quite refreshing that a hacker would repurpose the Amazon Dash button to delivery pizza as opposed to something stupid like flowers, but I think he’s being a little shortsighted here by not hooking the Amazon Dash button up to Seamless and setting it to delivery alcohol whenever he wants. Could you imagine anything better in life than a wifi-enabled button stuck to your fridge that any time it was pressed alcohol would show up at your front door? Pizza’s great, pizza is top 3 foods known to man, but automated alcohol delivery would be truly living the dream.

And re: protein powder on Amazon if you’re due to restock then CLICK HERE to see which powders are the highest rated on Amazon!!!

Big shout out to reader Corey Paggeot for sending this my way!