Bro Hero Saves His Dog Stuck In Frozen River

Man’s best friend. Dogs are more loyal than girlfriends and cause a lot less headaches. Even before man knew how to farm they knew that dogs would make for a dedicated partner. As far back as 18,800 and 32,100 years ago man started taking care of dogs and dogs gladly took care of man. So it is no surprise that this guy made a huge sacrifice for his dog.

This bro hero risks severe hypothermia by diving in this icy, subzero river to rescue his canine buddy.

If this was his girlfriend trapped helplessly in the frozen river would he so eagerly jump in the frozen water? Debatable. Does she give good head?

I do know that if a cat was stuck on the other side of a 3-foot puddle, I’m not going to save the cat even if I had galoshes on and had a 10-foot pole in my hand.