Bro Is Mistaken For A DJ By Club Promoter, Gets Offered A Job And Then Trolls The Living Shit Out Of The Promoter

by 3 years ago

shutterstock / Facebook/Danny James Elliott

Personally, I would’ve preferred that Danny James Elliott showed up to the club ready to DJ and then just played this all night (skip to 0:30 if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing):

Alas, this is a story about trolling people via text rather than on the dance floor. Opportunity wasted, however the story we did wind up with is almost just as amusing. According to Danny he has the same name as a DJ in Leeds and, “in a case of mistaken identity,” was asked to be the new resident DJ every Thursday for the club’s biggest night. Rather than tell the promoter that he doesn’t know deep house from Greg House M.D., he decided to troll the promoter until…well, you’ll see:


Facebook/Danny James Elliott


Facebook/Danny James Elliott


Facebook/Danny James Elliott

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