Man Working At Cell Phone Store Pulls Bro Move Of The Year When A Father Comes In To Complain About Data Overages

Not all heroes wear capes. That’s why here at BroBible we like to recognize the little guys who make the world better one Bro move at a time. Case in point: This mobile store worker. He saved this little Bro a heaping ton of embarrassment by clearing the caching and browser history on his old man’s phone.

It’s true that heroes walk among us and really are every day people just like you and me. via Reddit:

I used to work for a mobile provider, and one day a man came in to complain about mobile data charges. He’d racked up almost 10 GB a month on average over the last few months, and was adamant that he never used the phone for anything other than light email.

I asked to see the device, and started looking through the various apps, until I got to the browser history. There were dozens of Pornhub, Spankbank, RedTube links.. My eyebrows shot up and as I bought my face back to the man I could see his 12 year old son, bright red, faced, hiding behind his dad’s leg, his look imploring my silence.

I deleted the history with one tap and while I cleared his overages in the computer, told him there was a glitch in the system and that it would never happen again (while keeping my knowing eyes on his son) especially if he made sure he was on wifi while using the phone at home.

Speaking of data overages, here’s how Netflix is trying to save you loads of cash by optimizing their streaming process. Bro move, Netflix. Data overages suck.

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