Bro With Balls Smokes Pot in North Korea

The state that jails you for the following offenses: owning farm animals; wearing khaki pants on the weekend; existing; having an opinion and eating lamb, allows people to smoke as much dope as they'd like. Darmon Richter, the author of The Bohemian Blog, says he was travelling in North Korea when he spotted something green in the marketplace. 

We were just walking past the tobacco sellers when we spotted another stall ahead, piled high with mounds of green rather than brown plant matter. It turned out to be exactly what we first suspected: a veritable mountain of marijuana.

After being told it was perfectly legal, he decided to test that. Which seems like a horrible idea in a country known for modern-day internment camps and a serious lack of due process. But nothing happened, and he and his group got high the rest of the trip. 

From this point onwards, every time our group was walking on the street, sat in a park or being shown around some monument or other, there would be at least two fat joints being passed around.

With Amsterdam cracking down on drug use by tourists and North Korea's economy struggling, I sense a golden opportunity. 

[H/T Kokatu