Bro Stabbed Nine Times While Defending His Girl From A Catcaller Has A Message For All Men

Catcalling is a major issue now.  I mean it has always been an issue, ask any woman in a major city, but thanks to videos showing women getting harassed walking the streets of New York people are hypersensitive to the topic. The problem is some men don’t know the difference between playful flirting and just being fucking jerks.

Ben Swartz and his girlfriend ran into a fucking jerk in San Francisco last week. The dude catcalled Swartz’s girl, Swartz said a couple words, and took nine knife shots to the back, face, neck and arms. Swartz is still recovering from the wounds that came ridiculously close to severing his spinal cord and arteries. All because he said to a guy catcalling his girl “Can you please just stop?”

Swartz is now speaking out against catcalling and hopes his story encourages other bros to speak out against it, speak out when they see it, or just make their own friends stop if they’re doing it to a woman.

“In the future, I hope that when some guy hollers at some girl, his buddy will pass him and say, that’s not cool,” Swartz told the SF Gate when they interviewed him about the incident. “One of the saddest days I’ve had with my girlfriend was when she came home and told me that some guy had thrown cigar shavings in her face because she wouldn’t talk to him.”

Come on…I can’t even use the word “men” in this case. Come on, gender with penises. Act right. If a woman’s not interested, she’s not interested, just leave it alone. There are literally millions of other women available. Don’t be a dick because one girl doesn’t like to be approached by strangers on a dark street.

Schwartz’s GoFundMe account, which will cover his medical bills, already raised almost $31,000 of a goal originally set at $25,000. Hopefully he uses the leftover scratch to fund some anti-catcalling initiatives or donates to a good cause.

H/T Elite Daily