Bro Drops Everything To Travel The World And Always Makes Time To Tell His Mom That He’s Fine

Sometimes, a bro has got to just leave it all behind and travel the world. And I respect guys who do it. Everyone wants to quit their day job and go beach-hopping around the Caribbean or try and see if their American accent impresses British ladies as much as the reverse does.

But, as with all things, a bro’s mom is going to worry. Moms worry when you go out drinking for an evening. So dumping your job and travelling the world will probably make sure that your mom isn’t sleeping for weeks. Enter Jonathan Quiñonez, a 27 year-old former model from Brussels, who one day decided he hated his job and that life was passing him by. But, to keep his mom appeased of his good health, Jonathan decided to catalog his travels through an Instagram account called Mom I’m Fine, to put his mother’s mind at ease and also wrack up those Insta hearts.

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