Bro Has Ultimate, Earth-Shattering Comeback For Girlfriend’s Mom That Ends In The Parents Filing For Divorce



Generally we don’t post things from Reddit’s relationships subreddit onto BroBible – although most of the stories involve cheating and infidelity, they’re generally written with a tone that implies the author is looking for help rather than revenge. No one wants to read a sob story about broken hearts on a Bro website, right?

And while this submission by Redditor bfparentbreakup technically fits all those criteria, the comeback that the bfparentbreakup’s boyfriend laid on her mom after she insulted his face is too good not to share. So good in fact that the mom is now in the process of getting divorced from her husband, all because bfparentbreakup’s boyfriend is an absolute and unrestrained savage:

So some back story to start. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years and we’ve been living together for 1.5. We’ve had our bumps but for the most part the relationship has been going really well. I’ve never known him to be vindictive or cruel hearted, he’s always been sweet to me.

I guess the drama started when my sister announced her wedding to the family. My parents agreed to pay for it and my mom has been very stressed, planning the wedding with my sister. She wants the pictures to be perfect and is concerned about my BF. He’s had a pretty big scar on his face since he was young, and my mom finds it hideous. I don’t know why, she’s always had a weird obsession with it that I hide from my boyfriend, but he catches her staring.

So last week she texts him “How to tell someone they need cosmetic surgery”. He didn’t tell me about it before he texted back “How to tell someone they’re in a loveless marriage and their husband is cheating when he goes on business trips”.



There’s more to the story of course, but if you stop reading now I won’t blame you; not like we can top that, right?

Unless we throw some divorce into the mix:

I told my BF that this was my mom’s biggest fear, she’s constantly worried he’s cheating on these trips. I remember hearing her crying a few times late at night when I was growing up. I trusted him with this and he used it against her/me. He did this while my dad was out of town.

So she calls me at work crying about what he said to her. I try to calm her down, reassure her that dad isn’t cheating. Well afterwards she calls him up and accuses him of cheating, he tells her that he’s tired of hearing her accusations while he’s trying to provide for her, that he wants a divorce. He told me that he can’t handle her anymore, he dreads picking up her calls when he’s out of town and that he’s not going to return for her. He really is filing for divorce.

Now he won’t talk to her or come home and I’m caught in the middle. My sister is also obviously not getting her dream wedding and is very upset about it. My boyfriend defends himself, saying that it was bound to happen eventually and that he’s not going to take shit from her. I’m pissed that he used something I trusted him with and destroyed my family with it.

I’m so emotionally drained after taking care of my mother this weekend, I don’t know how to confront my boyfriend. Sometimes I don’t even know if he’s that much of an asshole for doing this. Is this a red flag, what should I do?

Lady, your boyfriend didn’t cause your parents’ divorce, your mom did with her insecurity and nagging. Was that a nice thing for your boyfriend to say? No, but who the fuck texts their daughter’s boyfriend that he needs plastic surgery? Wtf? There’s something WRONG with that woman and the fact that your dad stuck around this long dealing with what I’m imagining is a constant parade of bitchiness and backhanded comments is a miracle all in itself.

Keep the boyfriend. Ditch your mom.

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