BroBible Captured Another Epic Night Out Using JägerBonds — Check It Out


Last week, the BroBible editorial team took to Brooklyn to listen to Moon taxi, bowl some frames and swill a few shots of Jägermeister. A really nice Thursday night by all accounts.

Thanks to JägerBonds it’s an incredible night we’ll all be able to relive.

JägerBonds is an app that allows you and your bros to take photos and videos of your night spent painting the town red. Creating your own badass musical montage is just a touch of a button away with JägerBonds. Simply upload your photos and videos from the night and revel in their brilliance as the intuitive app selects the cream of the crop for a wrap-up bound to make your friends pissed they didn’t make it out!!!!

Check out the JägerBond we made below and Download JägerBonds in the iTunes app store or in the Google Play store if you use an Android

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