Brooklyn Pizzeria Answered All Of Our Prayers And Finally Made A Pizza Box Made Out Of Pizza

Without a doubt the worst part about pizza is the box being inedible. If you want pizza, you have to schlep down to your favorite local joint and then drag around this cumbersome cardboard rectangle that serves no purpose other than to give the pizza a place to sit until it’s time for you to eat like you hate yourself. Then? The box just sits next to your garbage can until you finally get sick of tripping over it and leave it outside of somebody else’s house, making it their problem, restarting the vicious cycle.

Well, Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has attempted to remedy this social sinkhole by creating a pizza box that’s made of pizza. Vinnie’s previously made some pizza noise for making a pizza topped with more pizza. The restaurant’s owner, Sean Berthiaume, spoke to NBC 4 New York:

“I thought, ‘What if you can make something that you can eat every part of?'”

Love this guy’s enthusiasm. Is it weird that it kind of seems like he’s never heard of food that you can eat every part of (i.e. – a burrito)? Yes, but if that’s a cross we need to bear in order to get a pizza box made out of pizza, I can bear it. Berthiaume said Vinnie’s will gladly make the pizza-box pie for anybody who wants one and it will be available for delivery for around $40. They’re still trying to figure out the best way to deliver it without putting the one box into another cardboard box. Right now, that plan involves wrapping the pizza in foil and delivering it in a pizza bag.

“We’re kinda working out the kinks there. The intent is to not have the box.”

Are we nearing a future where you can have a pizza pie delivered in a box made out of pizza and wrapped in a special pizza foil? I hope so. What a time to be alive.