This ‘Bros Before Hoes’ Experiment Proves Even Strangers Will Lie For A Guy Who Is In The Dog House With His Girlfriend

by 5 years ago

“Bros before Hoes” is an age old dude mantra. It’s usually used by one bro who is pissed that his other Bro is about to ditch him for some broad. In the video above, they kind of go askew from that definition, which you can find, eloquently put by a contributor to Urban Dictionary, below.


Urban Dictionary

Seems like whoever wrote that definition was, at one point, very clearly hurt by a Bro who chose a Hoe over him. That, or he is a child who can’t fathom why a guy would rather get fucked than play another game of Madden with his friends. Also, who hasn’t shoved their hand down their Bro’s pants to make a joke about wondering if he still had balls? CLASSIC BRO BEHAVIOR.

Like I said, though, this video isn’t exactly in line with the original meaning of the mantra. It aims to prove that random strangers will lie for a guy who is very clearly in the shitter with his girlfriend, because the guy is a “Bro,” and the girl…well…she’s not.

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