Bros, You Can Win This Dope Bud Light Mini Hoops Table For Your Own House

See this awesome mini-hoops table? It’s chilling in our office right now and practically killed our productivity. Now, you have a chance to have the exact same game in your dorm room, frat house or man cave, simply by entering our giveaway with Bud Light.

First off, the details. Always gotta have the details.

From now until March 23, bars across the country are setting up these tables. So folks, 21 and older, you’ve got a shot to participate in the Bud Light Mini Hoops Challenge. Why would you want to do that? Because the winners get a trip to Dallas for the Final Four. All expenses. So keep your eyes out for one and jump into the tourney.

Now to our giveaway. You have to be 21 to enter, but that’s about it. Below is all you need to do to get one of these bad buys sent right to you.