These Two Bros Figured Out An Ingenious Way To Vape Alcohol Without Even Using A Vaporizer Pen

Keep in mind that the YouTube description for the above video is as follows:

We’re serious, this is dangerous stuff — don’t try this!

Did you read that? You’re not going to try to vape alcohol at home, are you? No? That’s a good boy.

Unfortunately for those of you who were hoping that they’d be able to vape alcohol and get drunk without ingesting the calories that come with it, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but neither of the Bros in the above video managed to even get a buzz – then again, they do describe themselves as “drunks” so maybe they’re not the best test subjects to begin with.

Not that you were planning on vaping alcohol anyway, since the increased absorption can harm the brain and heated alcohol vapor (if you so choose to heat it for whatever reason) can injure your lungs.

The take-away from all of this? Literally: do not try that at home, and just stick to drinking your booze instead of huffing it, would you?

[H/T LadBible]