Bros Try And Pull Friend’s Loose Tooth For Him Using A Bike, Car, Pliers, And More

by 12 months ago

Call me ‘old fashioned’, but if I were to have a toothache I’d probably just go to the dentist like a normal person. Or, if it was a really bad toothache I’d perhaps visit my bartender on the way to the dentist. Things I wouldn’t do include: allowing my friends to try and pull the tooth using a bicycle, car, or pliers.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have dental insurance for most of my life. I apologize to this bro if this is one of those situations where he’s ripping out his tooth in the street because he can’t afford to visit the dentist. Somehow, I assume it’s not one of those situations. Dental care in England isn’t great, but it’s also not very expensive from what I’ve gathered. It wouldn’t have broken the bank to go have a trained professional extract that tooth in place of allow his fellow lads to rip it out using pliers.

I’m legitimately impressed at how this dude handled the clandestine tooth extraction with a straight face. Maybe the nerve was already dead, but if that was me I’m pretty sure I’d have been squirming like WHOA. I don’t know how you can let your friend try and rip your tooth out using a bicycle or car and do it with a straight face…Unless, of course, if there were ‘numbing agents’ involved…

(h/t TheLadBible)

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