Two Brothers Win The Powerball At The Same Time, One Wins $291 Million And Other Wins $7, Both Get ‘Big Checks’

by 3 years ago

The Florida Lottery

James Stocklas is a 67-year-old judge from Pennsylvania who just spent a month in The Florida Keys fishing with his brother, Bob Stocklas (a MONTH fishing vacation?!?). On their way back from the beach
the two brothers topped and purchased Powerball tickets, both won.

Bob Stocklas’ Powerball ticket hit for a whopping $7, and he got one of those big ass checks from Happy Gilmore, checks usually reserved to the grand prize or jackpot winner. His brother, James Stocklas, hit the Powerball jackpot for a whopping $291,400,000, and also got a big ass check.

Closing out their month-long fishing vacation in The Florida Keys, the fishing capital of the world, the two bothers presented at the Florida Lottery this week to accept their big ass checks and claim their winnings. While there they took this magnificent photo:


The Florida Lottery

KTLA reports:

Earlier this week, the judge, James Stocklas, and his brother, Bob, bought lottery tickets on the way home from the beach. James Stocklas, 67, won the $291 million Powerball and his brother won $7.
After Wednesday’s drawing, the judge had returned to work, and was sitting at the restaurant where he eats breakfast every day. He happened to check the numbers on his phone and realized he’d won. To celebrate, he bought breakfast for everyone in the restaurant, and called his family to say, “We are going back to Florida!”
The Florida lottery noted the double winners by printing Bob Stocklas a full-size winner’s check.

I’d just like to send a HUGE SHOUT OUT to that bro for not letting his brother hog the spotlight with this fat $291 million pay day (actually, he took the lump sum for $191 million). If me and my brother bought lottery tickets together and I only won $2 I’d sure as shit demand one of those huge checks from Happy Gilmore…I’d also demand that he paid me half, but that’s neither here nor there.


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