A Budweiser Truck Crashed On A Highway In NYC, Showering The Community Below With Delicious Beer

A tractor-trailer carrying America’s greatest manmade substance, Budweiser lager beer, crashed on a highway in Brooklyn, making it rain Bud heavies over the houses and people below.

The accident occurred this morning, spilling over 300 cases of Budweiser on the residents of Red Hook. That, my friends, is over SEVEN THOUSAND beers.

Imagine waking up one morning and having seven thousand free beers dropped on your doorstep.

In speaking to DNA Info, a local resident said his only regret was that it didn’t happen over the weekend.

“I can smell it from here,” said Louie Salvador. “If it happened on the weekend, I’d say, throw a case over.”

Come on, Bro. What a better way to start the week?

Well, unless you were driving behind the truck. According to reports, the crash left a miles-long traffic jam.

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[Via Noah Hurowitz]