Here Are A Few Of The Weirdest (And Most Perverted) Things People Did At This Year’s Burning Man Festival

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In case you weren’t able to attend Burning Man this year, here’s a little taste of some of the things you missed. As in, this was some of the weirdest shit to go down in Black Rock City, Nevada over the weekend.

How do we know these things? Duh. Because of the home of the weird and WTF Reddit, of course, where else?

It all begins with this gem of a story by the OP

My wife and I went to the strap-on-a-thon at Camp Beaverton and had sex next to about 80 other women. When we first got there I was so deeply uncomfortable that I cried, but then I got over it and we tried it anyway. We both decided that sex parties are really not our thing but I’m glad I did something so fucking weird (for me). What’s the weirdest thing you did?

Not sure how anyone could top that, but God bless them, they tried…

Biking to the BRC airport early Tuesday morning to get on one of the tiny planes and get an aerial tour of the city. End up fucking on the plane with the pilot about a foot away. When we landed he gifted us this awesome mile high club necklace and told us that we were his favorite passengers by far. What a guy. ~ baefae

Seven burns and I’d never hooked up with anyone on the playa and I can’t say I’ve even had a real one night stand before, but my Friday night somehow went from chatting in camp to orgy dome in the course of a few minutes. I don’t know if I even got anyone’s name. ~ madsci

Someone from our camp built a shower booth complete with foam cannon. We crammed about forty (immensely attractive) people in and ultimately went streaking through the middle of a DJ’s set at District. ~ FuckApathy

One of my campmates brought 5 gallons of lemoncello. I got people way too drunk while trying to convince them it wasn’t that alcoholic. Came down about 4 hours later like a toy running out of batteries.

If I ever hear the word lemoncello again, it’ll be too soon. ~ BRCitizen

Put on a Hobbes costume and offered myself up as a best friend to whoever needs one. Barely left center camp in three hours as people just grabbed me to hang out with them. Best fun I had talking and connecting with strangers. Ended with someone taking me to the camp with the rink on Esplanade and me putting on rollerblades and making a complete oaf out of myself. ~ SlySpyder13

Let two strangers lick my ass checks so they could get -20 on their score cards at slut putt on esplanade. Went up in a plane ride in a tinny experimental built plane (I am very scared of flying). got over some fears of nudity and went to a steam bath:) ~ Winterdream28

Okay, I think we might have a winner there.

And I might need to take a shower.

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