Remember The Woman Whose Butt Implants Exploded While Doing Squats? Yeah, That Was 100% Fake

The best fake news story is one that’s perfectly believable yet outlandish enough that it makes you want to click and read more, just like how yesterday’s story about the woman with butt implants who accidentally caused them to explode by doing squats in an attempt to become Internet famous a-la Jenn Selter. The story went on to say that Serena Beuford’s exploded bum landed her in a coma and caused damage to several internal organs.

Cool story Bro – except it’s all bullshit. According to Gawker,

Nah. The sad tale of 27-year-old Boston woman Serena Beuford’s exploding ass is a hoax by Newswatch33, an up-and-coming fake news site that recently had a big hit with a hoax about Jay-Z and Beyoncé acquiring the rights to the confederate flag.

The story spread thanks to our general fascination with asses and their discontents, plus some absolutely perfect fabricated money quotes…

There’s also the photo, which is definitely of a woman with butt implants, but is not “Serena Beuford.” points out it’s actually “mega huge fake booty” model Elnaz1985, who has several other selfies on Twitter.

Total bummer (puns!), but maybe next time something hoax-ish like this pops up we’ll all think about the time we were fooled by the woman with the exploding butt implants and – just kidding, we’ll probably all just blindly believe it and live happily misinformed lives.

[H/T Gawker]