Cape Cod Locals Pat Themselves On The Back For Maybe Killing A Great White Shark While Thinking They Were Saving It


Facebook / CNN

By banding together as a unit, the 100 or so Cape Cod beachgoers who ripped that great white shark backwards across the sand and into the water very well might have drowned that shark. Not only was that shark getting water with a ridiculously high sand content shoved through its gills backwards, it was also having its gills force-flushed with sand.

Like I said, this very well might have led to the shark’s death out in the open ocean. And this of course happened while all the locals thought there were saving the live of this stupid, stupid shark. By saving this juvenile great white shark that washed up on the shores of Cape Cod the tourists and locals alike threw a wrench in the natural selection of the great white shark gene pool. This shark was dumb enough to get itself beached on Cape Cod, and that’s where those foolish genetics should have stayed. The great white sharks swimming around out there in the deep waters who are smart enough to not get stuck on a beach or anywhere near a beach are the ones with the good genetics.

Major shout out to BroBible Blogger Matt Birl for sending this video my way!