A Car Crashing Through A Wall Is Actually The Second Worse Thing That Happened To The Owners Of This Home

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If someone said to you “a car crashed through my house last night” you’d probably reply “my god that’s awful!” and hope everyone was ok. For the owners of this home, who thankfully weren’t inside at the time of the accident, a car in the living room wasn’t the worst thing that happened.

Police were called to the Oak Avenue property at Clovelly Park at about 3.15pm when a car crashed into several vehicles, and then the house.

The collapsed wall revealed cannabis plants and hydroponic equipment inside.

Whoops. It’s like an outtake from Weeds. The driver was taken to the hospital for treatment but probably won’t face any further charges.

The owners of the house, on the other hand, we’ll they’ve got a couple issues to address.

[via AU News]

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