Shirtless Moron And His Car End Up Upside Down After Losing Battle With A Gate

I have no idea what this guy, who is of course, shirtless, was trying to do when he repeatedly rammed this gate after first plowing through it like it wasn’t even there.

As you will see the gate, an inanimate, object, was clearly smarter than he was as he ends up upside down while his female friend, who he almost hits while trying to teach the gate some kind of lesson, watches and probably questions her life decisions to this point.

Deadspin deciphered an Icelandic report on the incident and came away with this from Albert Thor Guðbrandsson, some kind of administrator at the scene, “The gate was irreparably damaged and wrecked car and the potential loss of five million. This happens only in Hollywood and Höfðatorg.”

Just what I was thinking, “Only in Höfðatorg.”

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