Cards Against Humanity Creators Convinced Over 30K To Buy An Actual Box Of Shit

To enjoy Cards Against Humanity, and I mean really ENJOY the game, you’ve got to be a little off in the head. So it makes complete sense that the biggest fans of the game would do anything in the name of “wtf?” — including buying boxes of poop for $6 a pop. 

Cards Against Humanity ran a promotion on Black Friday where people could buy a box of shit. The creators of the game warned people it was actually a box of bull crap. Literally. A box…full of crap. People didn’t care. They sold out in minutes.

Luckily, the crap was dry and not very offensive as far as odor (or leakage) but some people got pissed and asked for their money back. That’s bullshit.


H/T Huffington Post