Cab Driver Speeds Down Highway for 8 Miles as Would-be Highjacker Hangs on for Dear Life

The carjacking game is not without its risks, as this would-be thief found out.


Matthew McCorkle, 26, tried to steal a cab in the Bronx and got much more than he bargained for. The driver sped off as the poor bastard* clung to the vehicle as it sped down the expressway for eight miles, reaching speeds in excess of 70 mph.

The cab driver said he kept driving because he was unsure if his attacker had a knife or a gun.

“I was, like, really nervous,” said witness Vlane Carter. “I didn’t know what to think.”

Carter saw it all from inside his car.

“I noticed the guy, like, kicking the window; he almost fell a couple times,” Carter said. “I was really concerned with this guy’s life. If he fell, he would have been instant roadkill.”

Carter shot the video with his cell phone.

“Between 50 and 60 miles an hour and the taxi sped up to maybe 65, 70,” he said. “I was, like, really getting nervous, because the guy was on the hood at this time, on the top of the car. Then he was on the back, then he was trying to break the glass with his hand, and then the car was swerving. So it was like a Hollywood movie, almost.”

McCorkle was able to jump off the vehicle traffic necessitated a slow down. He then carjacked a second car, which he crashed.

McCorkle has a long rap sheet that includes criminal possession of a stolen weapon, driving with a suspended license, and drug violations.

Just last month, he was arrested and accused of menacing and harassing a woman, authorities said.

In the incident involving the taxi, McCorkle was charged with driving while intoxicated, robbery, and grand larceny.

McCorkle was awaiting his arraignment at Bronx Criminal Court late Monday after a mental evaluation.

Wild, wild, stuff.

*he did bring it upon himself

[H/T: CBS2]