Absolute Mad Man Takes A Mega Bong Rip Of A Carolina Reaper Pepper, The Hottest Pepper On Earth

This dude is an absolute pyscho for thinking that taking a Carolina Reaper bong hit was a good idea. As every bro here knows, the Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper on Earth. Just eating these peppers is considered insanity, but taking a fucking bong rip of one?!?! That’s madness my mind is having trouble comprehending. Before you get going on this video I wanted to give you a quick heads up that there is some vomit in this clip, but you probably should’ve known/expected that the moment you clicked on an article about a guy taking a Carolina Reaper bong hit.

This is why you don’t take bong hits of the Carolina Reaper Pepper:

Back in June, we saw this clip of this guy vaping a Carolina Reaper and immediately regretting his decision, being thrust into the most agonizing pain I’ve ever seen on YouTube…until now. Ted Barrus is the man in this video and he’s made quite a name for himself on YouTube with nearly 80,000 subscribers. I suspect that his latest stunt will push him over the top and he’s going to see a metric shit ton of new followers, all expecting to see him do crazy shit like this…Only time will tell if Ted Barrus can keep up these shenanigans without actually dying from doing shit like taking bong hits of the hottest pepper on earth.

Now, if you didn’t see that clip of the guy back in June vaping a Carolina Reaper you NEED to WATCH THAT NOW. Because he goes from 0-160mph in no time, and that man’s cut from a special cloth.