Guy Vapes Carolina Reaper Peppers, The Hottest Peppers On Planet Earth, But It Doesn’t End There

You would have to be a complete psycho in order to think that it’s a good idea to VAPE the hottest pepper on planet earth, the Carolina Reaper pepper. And by that logic this dude is a total psycho, because that’s exactly what he does. This dude’s insanity could end there but it doesn’t, because after vaping this deadly chili pepper that measures an unfathomable 1.57 MILLION Scoville Heat Units (the measurement of spicy peppers), this dude has some leftover Carolina Reaper peppers that chops up into a gator tail and snorts like it’s Colombia’s finest blowcaine.

I believe it should go without saying but let me just be explicitly clear here: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. THIS IS A VERY VERY BAD IDEA. YOU COULD DIE ATTEMPTING THIS.

Big shout out to Bryan Menegus of’s Sploid for unearthing this video that has actually been around since January but has gone relatively unseen until now. Without Sploid bringing this video to the world how would the rest of us know that vaping the hottest chili pepper on planet earth is a bad idea? They’re just doing the Lord’s work over there and I want them to know that this lowly blogger appreciates it!

Back to the highlights in GIF…Why would anyone voluntarily subject themselves to this sort of torture?


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(via Gizmodo/Sploid)

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