Dentist From Minnesota’s Getting Lit The F*ck Up On Facebook For Allegedly Illegally Hunting A Prized Lion In Africa

by 4 years ago

When reports first came out last weekend that someone had killed perhaps the most famous lion in all of Africa, Cecil the Lion, it was first being reported that the hunter was from Spain and that the hunt took place legally on a hunting reserve in Zimbabwe after Cecil the Lion had strayed off protected grounds. We’ve come a loooooooooonnnnnnggggg way since those first reports, and now it is being reported that the alleged hunter who killed Africa’s most famous lion, Cecil, is a dentist from Minnesota who has previously been fined for lying about his hunts after he killed a black bear in Wisconsin, an area where he was not licensed to shoot black bear.

The dentist is believed to be James Palmer of Minnesota, he is believed to have shot and killed Cecil the Lion with a crossbow, and the police are now looking for him. Even before all the FACTS are out, the Internet hive mind has grabbed their pitchforks and taken to the dentist’s Facebook page to tell him just how the hive mind feels about him allegedly killing the most prized lion in all of Africa. Here are some choice excerpts of things people have to say to Walter J Palmer, the dentist from Minnesota who allegedly shot Cecil the Lion (who was wearing a collar at the time) with a crossbow. WARNING: Some of the language used maybe be considered NSFW for some of you, and I don’t condone the people calling for violence or bringing his family memebers into it, I’m merely sharing with you what people are saying on this dentist’s Facebook page at the moment:







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