This High-Speed Chase Video Is Exactly Why Most People Think Motorcycle Gangs Are Assholes

Is it impossible for you to just ride your bike around like a normal law-abiding citizen? Are the wheelies and weaving in and out of traffic really necessary? Heads up, no one driving around you likes that shit.

Via Gawker,

The video, spliced together from a few cameras mounted to members of an L.A. biker gang, has it all. Wheelies, power slides, shutting down roads, hiding under overpasses and pedestrian walkways, and suicidal attire. Then add in at least one patrol car – plus a crash a few feet away – a high-speed chase, then follow it up with a police helicopter…

This video is exactly why your Mom made you get a Prius and not a Harley.

[H/T Gawker]