I Wish I Were Kidding When I Tell You This Chick Gets Paid $1,000 A Month Teaching People How To Play Pokemon Go

22-year-old Ivy Lim is the first person in the world to get a job as a “Pokemon Master,” if we can even define something like that as a “job.” And as skeptical as I am of the whole thing, it seems like it’s at least somewhat legitimate – Ivy’s duties reportedly include training people how to play Pokemon Go on a daily basis, teaching secrets and tips, as well as hosting lure parties, walks, raves and “experiences.” An added bonus, she makes $1,000 a month for doing all of this.

“I didn’t know that the job of Pokemon Master exists,” she told Mirror Online. “I have always wanted to train alongside with friends to catch Pokemon in real life, just like in the Pokemon shows.”

Don’t we all, Ivy. Don’t we all.

“I am at Trainer Level 23 and have caught 121 Pokemon characters. I am planning to double those numbers during this job.”

The whole idea behind hiring a “Pokemon Master” reportedly came about after Funzing.com was approached multiple times about a “quirky and quality Pokemon Go experience.” Why these people can’t just go for a stroll in their neighborhood or a hike through the woods is beyond me, and what qualifies as a “quirky and quality” experience is also baffling. Are they going to have actors dressed up as Pokemon jump out of bushes during the walks or something? Because that sounds more laughable than enjoyable, but then again these people are paying someone to take them on a walk with a free app – logic isn’t exactly in their repertoire.

Unfortunately for us Yanks, Ivy is based in Singapore, which means that unless y’all wanna hop on a plane, this service isn’t readily available to you. If you’ve got that sort of ambition and drive (read: unhealthy obsession) with Pokemon though, tickets are only $4.45.

Hmmm…$4.45 plus a $900.00 airplane ticket…seems like a good investment for a free app, don’t you think?

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