Chinese Man Allegedly ‘Snaps His Vertebrae’ After Trying To Deadlift Massive Amount Of Weight (Video)

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Welp, didn’t see that coming. A Chinese man reportedly snapped his spine after performing a deadlift that proved to be just a tad bit too heavy. The video, which was presumably taken on a gym’s CCTV in China, has been viewed thousands of times and has garnered some skepticism after the man allegedly posted a picture of his fragmented spine online after the incident.



Many took to social media to express their doubts about the seriousness of the injury. As aggregated by Daily Mail:

Seriously if he sheared his spine like that he would die right there…he passed out,’ one pointed out.

‘He was probably holding his breath while lifting the weight causing a lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in loss of consciousness or blackout,’ a third argued.

‘That’s neither Xray, CT, nor MRI. Just someones artistic expression,’ another wrote online.

‘Look at the lumbar part of the spine shifting backwards in the “xray”, yet he falls on his back, that just doesn’t make sense.

‘If anything, that vertebrae would slide forward, not backwards if the point of impact was that crushed vertebrae.’

Regardless of whether or not the dude snapped his spine or not, I suggest taking a few months off to heal the bruised ego.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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