Chrissy Teigen Went On A Twitter Rant About Pie To Remind You She’s The Most Down-To-Earth, Chill AF Girl Around

Chrissy Teigen is (or at least should be) every Bro’s dream girl – from being a total boss in the kitchen when it comes to making cinnamon buns to annihilating Twitter trolls without a second of hesitation, Chrissy is a boss and doesn’t take shit from anyone.

…except when that someone is a pie delivery man who brings her the wrong order. Whoops.

As we all know Chrissy is currently pregnant, and with pregnancy comes bizarre cravings and random hours of the day that you can either give into and be happy, or fight and have a miserable nine months of getting fatter and fatter despite not eating shit. During the wee hours of the night Chrissy decided it was time to eat pie because #WhoGivesAShitI’mPregnant, but unfortunately it didn’t go to plan:

You may be asking yourself “So? Why do I give a shit about Chrissy Teigen eating pie vs. cake?” to which the answer would be, “You don’t.” I know I personally don’t give a shit about her eating habits, but at the same time it’s nice to know that fancy-pants celebrities sometimes give into late night temptation and splurge away eating chocolate covered shit just like the rest of us.

In the rankings of fancy-pants celebrities, Teigen is top tier.

[H/T Elite Daily]