Chrissy Teigen Absolutely Annihilates Twitter Troll Who Calls Her Unfunny–Calls Him A ‘P*ssy’

chrissy teigen see through

If you’re going to take a swing at Chrissy Teigen, you best not miss.

But if you’re going to take a shot at Chrissy Teigen, ask yourself why? She’s smoking hot, not married to a douche nozzle, killed it with her Guy Fieri Halloween costume, and has a good sense of humor–especially considering some supermodels have no incentive to cultivate a personality because looks alone can give them a better life than I’ll ever have. Plus, there are so many other Hollywood dickfaces that actually deserve hate spewed their way. Chrissy is one of the good ones.

Butttt, some people just want to watch the world burn–namely, Twitter troll Kony, who responded to a GQ Magazine tweet with some harsh word’s about the former SI swimsuit model:

// could have brushed off this comment, seeing as she probably gets a lot nastier ones daily, but decided to make an example out of Kony. She steamrolled the poor bastard.


She just bum fucked you, brah.

[h/t Complex]