Parents Go Buck Wild At Chuck E. Cheese Brawl In Florida, Guys Throwing Punches, Ladies Pulling Hair, Total Mayhem

It must be all that pre-Hurricane Matthew anxiety making this group of South Florida (Miami) parents go nuts on each other at a Chuck E. Cheese. As you can see in this short clip there were all sorts of punches thrown, from men and women. Hair is getting pulled. Dads are going nuts. Curiously, there are no panicking children to be found anywhere, at least not that I can see:

My hunch? This was all due to some early shit-talking leading up to this Saturday’s FSU vs Miami game. There’s no love between the two Florida school and it’s currently been 2,584 days since the last time the Miami Hurricanes beat the Florida State Seminoles (my alma mater), or 223,257,600 seconds, or 3,720,960 minutes, or 62,016 hours…it just depends on how you want to put it.

Now, I know this sounds crazy and anytime I tell this to someone they think I’m insane, but I’ve never actually been to a Chuck E. Cheese in my life. When kids in other cities were throwing birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese me and my childhood friends were throwing down at DZ (Discovery Zone) and/or the ice skating rink or roller rink, that’s just how we rolled.

…(h/t @BillyCorben)…