Idiot Ignores ‘NO TOUCHING’ Sign, Absolutely Demolishes Priceless Clock When It Falls Off The Wall

This clip of a man at the National Watch and Clock Museum in Pennsylvania is going viral at the speed of light. It shows a man ignoring the ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ signs that you can find on the walls of every museum in the world. Instead of heeding those warnings he fondles the clock on the wall, manages to knock the priceless clock off of its hook and it falls to the ground causing irreparable damage. The closed circuit security camera (CCTV) managed to catch this jabroni on camera at the moment that he completely destroyed the priceless clock that he was ogling just moments before.

Even a kid in Elementary School knows to not touch the art at a museum, this is like the ONLY rule that you truly need to follow when you’re in the presence of priceless works of art. Even being loud in a museum isn’t as taboo as it once was, and there are situations when running the halls might be acceptable.

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(via r/videos)

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