Bros, Don’t Let Your Next Frat Party Picture Leak; Use Cluster, a New App For Photos

There's no denying that. It also got Chi Phi fraternity at Lehigh suspended. That doesn't have to happen anymore. Not when you have Cluster, a new app for iOS and Android which allows you to share photos with only the people you want to see them. 

So college kids, worry no more about future employers finding your photos. Because they'll all be on Cluster. It's got the same social interactions as Facebook or Instagram (You can like or comment on pics), but now your shots are completely out of the public eye. 

The beauty of Cluster is you make the groups you want. Invite your friends to have a great place to share whatever you like: all their pics from a single party or an entire week at the beach with your best Bros. Have a group just for buddies back home, or one for your dorm. They are all seperate and they are all secure.

Plus, with Cluster's unlimited storage, you'll get to see all the great photos your friends took of you, which normally they might not have shared. So, take back your privacy, and your right to party and snap all the pics you want, with Cluster