CNBC Unearthed An 11-Year-Old Interview With Mark Zuckerberg — Facebook Had Only 100,000 Users At The Time

Eleven years ago, Facebook was called “TheFacebook” and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have enough money to last a thousand lifetimes. He was just a snot-nosed kid with a twinkle in his eye and he was sitting at the helm of a site that had 100,000 measly users. Oh, how times have changed. For him. Not the rest of us. By comparison, my life still pretty much sucks.

What I really want to know, though, is who the fuck is the guy in the interview with him? What was so great about what that guy doing with his life at the time that CNBC wanted to interview him alongside Mark Zuckerburg? Did he develop Friendster or something? Or did CNBC just want to interview him because he was the love child of the Burger King mascot?

How great would it be if he really did found Friendster? Eleven years ago he sat there, with his toothless, maniacal grin thinking, “I’m bury this Zuckerberg motherfucker and his idiotic site.” And today he’s probably down to his last few Friendster pennies. Just scraping by until his Burger King mascot trust fund kicks in. His entire life is in shambles. Ok, maybe not, but thinking that makes me feel a fuckload better about mine.

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