Police Caught That Flight Attendant Who Bailed On 60 Pounds Of Cocaine At Airport Security, And She’s Kinda A Babe

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Earlier this week, we told you about the flight attendent who bailed on 60 pounds of cocaine she was smuggling through LAX when she was stopped by TSA for a random security screening.

Authorities identified her as Marsha Gay Reynolds, and somehow, despite the feds hunting for her, she made it across the country before surrendering to authorities in Queens.

The cocaine has a street value of nearly three million dollars.

Related, Reynolds is kind of a babe.


Indeed she is. The New York Daily News reports she is a former beauty queen.

Drug smuggling beauty queen is a profession I dig.

Her spokesman, a friend of the family, claims she did not know what was in the bags, which doesn’t really explain why she booked it.

“She may not have been fully aware of what was in the bags,” [Allan] Jennings said, adding that she got out of L.A. on Friday night not long after she was stopped, using her JetBlue credentials which were still in effect until yesterday.

It is believed her boyfriend worked with her to smuggle the drugs.

The prosecutor argued that last Friday’s bizarre incident in which Reynolds abandoned two pieces of luggage after she was randomly selected for checkpoint screening was not her first try at drug smuggling.

“The defendant’s co-conspirator also has tried to flee to Jamaica (the Caribbean Island) as recently as last night,” [Assistant U.S. Attorney Alicia] Washington said.

Reynolds was originally granted bail by a federal jude in Brooklyn before revoking it, after the government argued her case should be heard by a court in Los Angeles.

[Via The New York Daily News]

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