A Flight Attendant Booked It After TSA Asked To Search Her Bags (Because 60 Pounds Of Cocaine Were In Them)

I believe it was Kenny Rogers who said you’ve got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them, and a flight attendent at Los Angeles International Airport properly folded them, when TSA agents asked to search her bags.

Because she had 60 pounds of cocaine in them.

The attendent, who was not yet identified, was pulled aside for a random screening. Typically, airline employees’ luggage are not given the same kind of scrutiny average fliers are (which seems kinda weird, no?).

Authorities said she appeared nervous, so she was asked to come with them to a secondary screening location. There, she booked it.

The woman ran off with her bags, but being weighed down on her escape (that is a lot of cocaine after all!), she ditched them, and a pair of Gucci shoes, before running out the airport.

Smart play, although it’s not like she won’t be arrested eventually.

[Via NBC News]