College Bros Leave HUGE Paper Mache Penis For Their Roommate On Spring Break

What a bunch of glorious dicks, literally. Spring is upon us, which means it’s time for all those snow penises to melt until next year. What’s a college student going to do? Well…

When an Imgur user’s college roommate decided to take off on Spring Break, his group of friends brainstormed the perfect prank to pull during their time off from class: Constructing a massive paper mache penis to great him upon his return. They meticulously documented every step of the arts and craft project on Imgur, breaking down how they sculpted the giant dong out of chicken wire and had to use a chair to shape the testicle. It’s some of the most impressive handicraft work we’ve ever seen put into a penis prank.

Bravo to the men and women involved in constructing this modern marvel.

Here are their pics, complete with a breakdown of each step in their own words:

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“Shaped the penis out of some chicken wire. The tip was the hardest part. Had to assemble it inside the room because it was too big to fit through the door.”

“Using a chair and a cooler inside for support”

“Paper Mache-ing the balls” 

“Lots of surface area to cover, got some help “

“Almost done!”





“Completely mache’d. I thought it looked pretty nice in this state”





“Added some pipe cleaner hairs”

“Finished product”


“Another shot”


“My suitemate and his gf enjoying the view from their bed”


[H/T: Elite Daily]

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