You Can Now Get College Credit For Studying Tacos

You ever been told that a hunger for knowledge is quintessential to making the most out life? That learning’s only ever as effective as your commitment to overcoming the late-night over-caffeinated exploits–straight up leather-bound, unabridged adversity–that’ll encompass most any undergrad’s academic routine? Yeah well that shit’s never rung more true until now: University of Kentucky just dropped a revolutionary, tortilla wrapped grenade on the status quo of a typical college education with what seems to be a legitimate multimedia-focused food journalism course; where most importantly you’ve the opportunity to chomp your way down a taco-paved path towards an A+ with a side of guac and ghost-pepper infused salsa.

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The course’s creator Steven Alvarez told VICE about his student’s required reading materials:

“Our first book is Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food. Then we have the Tacopedia and Taco USA. Lastly, a book solely on tortillas called Tortillas: A Cultural History, because I try to break down to my students that a really good taco will always depend on the tortilla.”

In case you’re a lazy procrastinating bum who facepalms homework like I was in spontaneous phases throughout my formal college education, I’m pretty sure the Sparknotes for this class could be properly chalked up to Instagramming all your Mexican-themed meals and then writing a little bit about each dining experience. Like, word, isn’t learning just awesome?

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