Ever Wanted To Transform A Condom Into A ‘Deadly’ Weapon? Here’s How.


Maybe “deadly” is an exaggeration, but could you maim someone with injuries that lead to their death over a period of time? Maybe. I just don’t want you getting your hopes up with the idea that you can turn a condom into an AK-47, because obviously you can’t.

Anyhoo, over in Germany there’s currently a social media campaign with the tagline “100 ways not to use a condom.” The purpose of the whole thing is to promote sexual health, even though from watching most of the campaign videos you’d think that they were just trying to get people to go out and use them like balloons on camera.

Joerg Sprave, on the other hand, decided to go and turn a condom into a weapon. Check it out below:

[H/T Daily Dot]