Would You Use Condoms That Change Colors If An STD Was Detected?

This innovative condom might glow green for chlamydia, yellow for herpes, purple for the clap and blue for syphilis. It could be a rainbow for you naughty lads out there.

This revolutionary jizz bag looks to make safe sex even safer, and the inventors might be even more amazing than the actual innovation. Daanyaal Ali, 14, Muaz Nawaz, 13 and Chirag Shah, 14, are the inventors of this promising project. Let me reiterate; these kids who probably haven’t ever banged and probably haven’t even seen real boobies, invented what could be a revolutionary invention that may be a huge deterrent against STD’s.

All of the boys are from Isaac Newton Academy in Illford, U.K. They entered the TeenTech Awards, which helps promote science, engineering and technology in schools. All they did was take home the first place award in the health category. The winning schools in each category are awarded a prize of $1,580.

The magical condom is called “S.T.EYE,” and the premise is to make people more aware of sexually transmitted diseases and to seek treatment if they are infected. The STD’s would cause molecules in the condom to illuminate in a certain color for each different kind of crotch rot.

It’s only a concept right now, but these brilliant students believe that the idea can become a real thing.

Daanyaal Ali explained his team’s exciting idea:

“We created the S.T.EYE as a new way for STI detection to help the future of the next generation. We wanted to create something that makes detecting harmful STIs safer than ever before, so that people can take immediate action in the privacy of their own homes without the invasive procedures at the doctors. We’ve made sure we’re able to give peace of mind to users and make sure people can be even more responsible than ever before.”

He’s 14-YEARS-OLD. What were you doing at 14? Actually I was an inventor at the tender age of 14, I invented a sock that hardened after I got intimate with it. Come to think of it, I may not have invented that. But I was really, really good at it. Possibly the best ever. But enough about me and my life accomplishments, it’s time for these youngsters to shine. Congratulations gentlemen on making a condom that when I put on no woman will ever want to have sexual relations with me. Thanks. Thanks a bunch.


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