A Few Conspiracy Theorists May Have Actually Discovered NASA’s Code Word For Language

I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist myself. I believe in aliens, ghosts, fairies, monsters, magic, you name it, I probably have done some research on it. This is mostly because 1) I didn’t get laid a lot as a kid so needed ways to fill my days and 2) I refuse to believe that the world is just a bunch of people going to and coming from work. The universe is just way too vast for it only contain people who wake up, drink some coffee and go to work.

At the same time, I kind of understand why things like that would need to be hidden from the modern world. People get into political arguments over which bathroom the public should be allowed to use. Imagine if China revealed that they had access to alien technology? Or if Russia suddenly unveiled their new line of super-powered Marines. There would literally be chaos. That’s why I always argue that the world could never have a Superman. His presence itself would be a declaration of war to everyone else in the world. However, just because I understand why the government needs to hide the truth doesn’t mean that I don’t believe it doesn’t exist.

Hence my excitement that a new video has emerged of a live feed of a conversation between NASA astronauts and the ground crew, potentially revealing some of the codes they use to discuss UFOs over open airwaves.

It’s almost ironic that they use biblical language considering the Bible pretty much alludes that Earth is the only planet with intelligent life. And interesting theory about this that seems to be making round is that the ‘gospel meeting’ the astronaut is referring to seems to be a plan to enter into a meeting with the aliens. Imagine if astronauts really go into space in order to discuss peace and exchange technology with aliens? That would definitely lead to a few questions. Like how come you can’t listen to audio from a YouTube video through the app when your phone is locked. Or how come we haven’t harnessed the technology to teleport? Because that would be too obvious. The government is definitely hiding it somewhere.

[h/t Mirror]