Conspiracy Theorists Are Going Full ‘X-Files’ About Hillary Clinton On Twitter With #HillarysBodyDouble

Well, that didn’t take long. Though I can’t believe conspiracy theorists waited until today to REALLY ramp things up with regard to the 2016 Presidential election.

They were presented with a golden opportunity when Hillary Clinton had some medical issues at Sunday’s 9/11 ceremony and now they are RUNNING with it.

Clinton was reportedly treated at her daughter’s apartment after her medical incident and was later seen looking much healthier as she stepped out a little while later.

So now people are saying that the person who emerged from Chelsea Clinton’s apartment in New York City was not in fact Hillary, but a body double and the real Hillary Clinton is somewhere else getting medical care.

Conspiracy theorists are having a field day on Twitter comparing photos of Clinton after she left the apartment to those from before.

Myself? I like this theory…

Clinton’s doctor stated that Hillary was suffering from pneumonia, meanwhile it has also been reported that many on her staff are also sick with the bug so who knows what to believe, right?

Clinton has already canceled her trip to California today, but so far her visit to Nevada, set for later this week is still scheduled.