Idiot Dad Throws Daughter Playboy-Themed Party, Gets Lots Of Teenage Girls To Come To His House In Lingerie


Jeff Lake was arrested in Poway, California this week for providing alcohol to minors after throwing his daughter a Playboy Mansion-themed 18th birthday party.



Now, I’m not saying Mr. Lake had himself some ulterior motives, but … come on. Your teenage daughter asks for a lingerie-themed party and you say yes, either you have some real issues with providing structure and discipline for your child, or you want her to bring a ton of scantily-clad high school girls to your house for your own personal viewing pleasure.

Either way, wrong! Let’s just hope it’s the former.

The party was dubbed “Liv’s Playboy Mansion,” for his daughter Olivia, and it sounds like it was baller, with almost 200 people invited and plenty of girls participating in the theme. But all good things must come to an end. Especially illegal, pervy shit like this. Via ABC.

It happened Friday night on Camino Del Valle in Poway, until neighbor complaints led to a small army of sheriff’s deputies shutting the party down. Deputies say they found two unconscious, intoxicated teenage boys in the house and evidence many of the teens were drinking alcohol.

Bummer. Jeff may not have even gotten with that 16-year-old he was eyeing before the fuzz carped his style. But before the cops came, it sounded like Olivia was enjoying herself, wearing a “revealing black top.”

It also sounds like Poway has lots of fucked up old dudes.

Sheriff’s deputies could not confirm whether [Lake’s wife Jackie] was home at the time of the party, but did say other adults were present.

Oh, word? That ain’t creepy at all. Hey, check out all our toned, hot daughters. High five.

Meanwhile, Liv didn’t seem to be bothered by the bust.

A day after her party was broken up by deputies Liv Lake posted this on her Twitter feed: “Huge thanks to everyone who was able to be a part of last night! I hope you all had a damn good time and that you’re all okay and safe.”

I hope so, too.

[H/T Sarah Sprague]