Fit Couple Put On 20+ Lbs. Of Fat Each So They Can Lose It With Their Followers And Show The BS In Fitness Industry

Married Australian fitness couple Sharny, 36, and Julius, 35, are tired of all the fake fitness celebrities they see parading around Instagram. “Fitness is not about selfies in the gym mirror. It’s not even about abs. Or how much you can lift or what magazine you’re in. Or this bullshit ‘lifestyle’ my industry tries to sell you,” they write in an Instagram post, “when you see a young guy or girl ripped to shreds with a million followers, understand that most of them are still living at home with their parents, sleeping while you work and only leaving the house to go to the gym…they don’t have a real job. The gym IS their job.”

Realizing that the market has become saturated with “fake people teaching people how to look a certain way even though they aren’t doing it that way,” Sharny and Julius have decided to let themselves “go” in order to show the proper way to lose weight and tone their bodies. After the birth of their sixth child, the couple gained 20+ lbs. each, with Julius weighing 239 lbs. and hoping to slim back down to 217, whereas Sharny now weighs 148 and wants to drop back down to 120:

Sticking to eight-week programs specifically geared towards them, both Sharny and Julius are sharing their routines online with registered paying members, and claim to be completely transparent – as in, “no lies, no talking shit.”

All of their workouts can supposedly be done at home without any workout equipment, although I’m not so sure using baking trays to train your abdominals is a preferential choice to picking up your lazy ass and hiking on over to the gym:

Regardless, it looks like the couple has their work cut out for them, as losing weight isn’t always as easy as it looks. Look at Matt Keohan, for chrissake – guy’s weight goes up and down like a 16-year-old twerking at her first Soulja Boy concert. If it were easy he would’ve legitimately lost his excess baggage by now, since easy things are the only things he goes for in life – Tinder chicks being the top of his list.

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